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Russia: Fruits of a sanctions war

The sanctions imposed on Russia by the West after its alleged support for the separatist rebel militias in Ukraine are now taking their toll on the country’s business sector, our sources in Moscow tell Global Sources Magazine’s special correspondent David Edgar. THE international media are also reporting that these sanctions […]

Israel cabinet yields to gas cartel

Bureaucratic regulatory shenanigans in Israel all but killed development of the country’s vast offshore gas fields this year. Chief editor and energy expert Gary Lakes reports on a controversial blueprint that has now emerged from a shambles that caused Huston’s Noble Energy to down tools, Australia’s Woodside Petroleum to stomp away from a […]

Erdogan’s uncivil war on Kurds

You can’t keep a power-hungry demagogue down without going to extremes. Take Turkey’s Machiavellian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for example. He now looks ready to risk civil war with the Kurds just to win back control of parliament and pursue his dream of all-powerful executive presidency. Chief editor Gary Lakes […]

The caliphs of the Caucasus

Militant jihadist groups are trying to create a caliphate in the Caucasus in south-west Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, largely unnoticed by international media. Russia is aware of the growing danger but its response so far has been oddly phlegmatic. In this special report for Global Sources Magazine, David Edgar, an […]

The Mediterranean Islamic State

Tunisia gave birth to the Arab Spring and became the only Arab country to establish a democracy after overthrowing its dictatorship. Now, this year, it has suffered two murderous attacks against foreign tourists carried out by Islamic State in Libya. Chief editor Gary Lakes investigates this new branch of the deadly […]

Erdogan’s ballet-box ballet

Turkey’s politicians have until late August to form a coalition government. The ruling AKP lost its majority and must now trade with political partners with strongly divergent views. Failure would probably mean new elections, but for President Erdogan, that’s a risk that just might be worth while. Chief editor Gary […]

Another Greek disaster?

  There’s one more Greek disaster in the making as the nation rumbles steadily toward financial collapse. The new dark cloud is the current licensing round for the exploration and exploitation of Greek offshore hydrocarbon resources. Soundings just made by Global Sources Magazine suggest that the ministry of energy could find itself […]

Faking it or making it

HOW “smart, shrewd and intensely focused” is Hillary Rodham Clinton? This is how she was described in a U.S. News & World Report interview with William H. Chafe, Professor Emeritus of History at Duke University and a student of America’s best known political couple, the Clintons. Chafe wrote a 2012 book, Bill […]