Middle East

Erdogan’s uncivil war on Kurds

You can’t keep a power-hungry demagogue down without going to extremes. Take Turkey’s Machiavellian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for example. He now looks ready to risk civil war with the Kurds just to win back control of parliament and pursue his dream of all-powerful executive presidency. Chief editor Gary Lakes […]

The caliphs of the Caucasus

Militant jihadist groups are trying to create a caliphate in the Caucasus in south-west Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, largely unnoticed by international media. Russia is aware of the growing danger but its response so far has been oddly phlegmatic. In this special report for Global Sources Magazine, David Edgar, an […]

Game of Quotas: Iran v. OPEC

THE removal of sanctions after a deal with the West would trigger dramatic change in the Iranian economy, but also in world energy politics. Global Sources Magazine chief editor Gary Lakes examines the likely impact of the new era on an already fractious OPEC. WITH the end of Western sanctions […]