Former Soviet states

New boss, same rotten system

Have Ukrainians been fooled again? Rarely are the aspirations of a revolution fulfilled overnight. There are plenty of recent examples to prove that and it appears that Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution ranks among them. Chief editor Gary Lakes reports on a new study from a US democracy-building NGO suggesting that Ukrainians […]

It’s China’s turn in Georgia

IT’S bang on the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The word strategic could have been invented for Georgia – Black Sea to the west, Russia north, Turkey and Armenia south and Azerbaijan to the southeast. It was prized by the Soviet Union (to whom it gave Josef Stalin […]

Russia: Fruits of a sanctions war

The sanctions imposed on Russia by the West after its alleged support for the separatist rebel militias in Ukraine are now taking their toll on the country’s business sector, our sources in Moscow tell Global Sources Magazine’s special correspondent David Edgar. THE international media are also reporting that these sanctions […]

The caliphs of the Caucasus

Militant jihadist groups are trying to create a caliphate in the Caucasus in south-west Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, largely unnoticed by international media. Russia is aware of the growing danger but its response so far has been oddly phlegmatic. In this special report for Global Sources Magazine, David Edgar, an […]

Azerbaijan’s false Euro-mask

FROM ancient times Azerbaijan was famed for its “burning rocks” and in the 19th century oil men and companies made careers and fortunes from easily accessible crude oil. After being freed from Soviet domination in 1991, the Caspian Sea state invited Western oil companies to pump and export huge volumes […]

Baltics sidestep the bear

Lithuania has moved deftly to sign deals with two American firms that will be exporting natural gas to world markets within a few years. It’s called keeping the Russian bear at bay. Global Sources editor Gary Lakes reports. LITHUANIA signed non-binding LNG supply deals at the end of February with two […]