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Trump group in Cyprus gambles with bribery-tainted firms

A company owned by the controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump recently partnered with two firms tainted by bribery allegations to bid for a lucrative casino license in Cyprus, an investigation by Global Sources Magazine has revealed. The investigative team leader Bill Hutman reports. THE Trump Organisation LLC, a privately owned multinational […]

Greek fleet faces taxing times

Greeks and ships are the stuff of ancient myths and modern fortunes, making it difficult to imagine a large-scale exodus of shipping companies from Greece, where the world’s largest merchant fleet is registered. But a looming sea-change in the country’s tax laws may serve as a catalyst for just that, […]

New boss, same rotten system

Have Ukrainians been fooled again? Rarely are the aspirations of a revolution fulfilled overnight. There are plenty of recent examples to prove that and it appears that Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution ranks among them. Chief editor Gary Lakes reports on a new study from a US democracy-building NGO suggesting that Ukrainians […]

Erdogan knows best

Suicide-bomb blasts in Ankara on October 10 killed around 100 people and wounded hundreds more, making it the worst terrorist attack in Turkey’s history. With each violent incident, whether on the country’s streets or with the PKK along the southeast border, Turks become more apprehensive about the motives of President […]

Iran clears path to global markets

Iran’s 290-member Majlis approved a bill on October 13 to accept the historic deal on Iran’s nuclear energy program agreed with the international community in July. The Guardian Council must still ratify the bill before sanctions can be lifted and it is not entirely clear this sanctions-free era will begin. […]

Eni’s East-Med game changer

THE phrase ‘game-changer’ was used often for East Mediterranean energy prospects. That was before Israel slammed into a regulatory brick wall and Cyprus discovered a couple of dry holes – never mind Lebanon’s political imbroglio and its stalled licensing round. But then Eni found the huge Zohr gas field in Egypt’s offshore […]

It’s China’s turn in Georgia

IT’S bang on the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The word strategic could have been invented for Georgia – Black Sea to the west, Russia north, Turkey and Armenia south and Azerbaijan to the southeast. It was prized by the Soviet Union (to whom it gave Josef Stalin […]

Who is The Trumpeter?

BILLIONAIRE Donald J. Trump may lead the public opinion polls in his fight for the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination, but most voters know little about his business practices or how he made his fortune. However, writes Robert Walters, a member of the GlobalSource LLC advisory board and a former […]